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Discover your true self & unleash your full potential

Be guided in times of chaos

Make better decisions

Navigate life's challenges and seize opportunities

Gain clarity on career and life path

Reach abundance faster

Common element success Coaching

Welcome to your portal for personal transformation, living with purpose, and achieving your goals. Let's work together so you can develop stronger emotional resilience, manage stress, boost your energy, and achieve an overall state of wellness by using Chinese Astrology and its sister arts under the umbrella of Chinese Metaphysics.​ 

Just like all other astrology systems, the Chinese version says that we are born with a given energetic imprint that determines our personality, talents, opportunities, and challenges in life. What makes it more powerful is its connection to other Chinese Metaphysics arts, which give concrete tools to help mitigate challenges, take advantage of opportunities, and even change some of our natural tendencies. The whole Chinese Metaphysics framework is like a giant puzzle where all the arts fit together. It explains how the world works and how we fit in it - very similar to Physics, which is my background. Hence, the "common element" in the name of my business.


Here is how some of the other arts can guide us. Feng Shui tells us which areas of our house are better for us. Yi Jing helps us get guidance. Qimen Dun Jia, an art little known in the West, guides us on the strategies to reach our goals and better ourselves. It also gives us specific protocols to manifest our desires. Date Selection tells us which dates are more suited for specific actions. The Qigong practice, the "mother" of Tai Chi, uses movement, breath, and intention, to cultivate emotional resilience, increase vitality and give better health


All these arts work in synergy and can give personalized solutions based on the natal Astrology Chart.

Let me show you some powerful spiritual, intellectual, and physical tools so you can find the path to success, happiness, and fulfillment.

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