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Qigong Training

I am a certified Associate Instructor in the Healing Tao School led by Michael Winn, who co-wrote the original books by Master Mantak Chia.

In addition, I have studied with different masters, and I blend whatever resonated with me in my practice and teaching. They all have a common element, and I found it helpful to hear many angles on the same fundamental Daoist approach.

Main influences: Robert  Peng, Jem Minor, Nikki Strong, Damo Mitchel and Rony Edlund.

I have also taken classes with many other masters, such as Francesco Garripoli, Minke de Voos, Mingtong Gu, Chris Shelton, Sharon Smith, David Twicken, Chunyi Lin, Lee Holden, Gilles Marin, Karin Sorvik, and Loren Johnson, to name just a few.

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