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3-Month Strategy Coaching

3-Month strategic planning coaching with regular Zoom meetings


This is a coaching program that adds coaching to the 2024 Personal Guide to Success report. You will get the big picture for the year, which is a forecast of your challenges and opportunities, with guidance on what kind of actions are best aligned with reaching your goal. Learn when you can expect significant changes, when is the right time to take risks, when opportunities will be discovered through networking, and when to focus on being prolific at work. In addition, we'll dig deeper for each month. You will also get recommendations for selecting specific dates to start personal or work-related projects. Total direct contact time via Zoom is 3 hours. The initial consultation is for 1.5 hours, during which we will review your year in light of your goal, and we discuss your goal and I get an idea about your dilemmas, plans, etc. Then we will meet for another 30 minutes where I give you dates, manifestation protocols, etc., for the next 3 months. Then we meet for 30 minutes at the beginning of the following months, or as needed. This is a general target, we can customize as we go along. We will have the initial planning consultation whenever is convenient, and the 3 months will start on the beginning of the next Chinese month, usually anywhere between the 4th and 6th of the Gregorian month. The total cost is $491.94, with $291.94 due at sign-up and $100 due at the beginning of each additional month. Please pick a short 15-minute time slot for a short conversation to understand your situataion. Provide the location, date and time of birth. Find out as much as possible about your time of birth and share whatever details you have. It will help make the readings more accurate. Also fill out on the booking form the goal you have for this year, as well as little about yourself - your work situation (e.g. employed/free lance/consultant/own a company, etc.), and also about your home life (e.g., single/married/in relationship, kids/no kids). This will allow me to use the right terminology when I give you the forecast and advice. Contact me at with any questions.

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Albany, NY, USA

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