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Learn :

  • how Chinese Astrology works

  • that you have 4 animals in your natal astrology chart

  • what kind of energies the 2024 year of the Yang Wood Dragon will bring

  • how each animal will be influenced by these energies

  • what kind of actions you should take to have a successful year


  • about my spiritual journey

  • how pivotal Qigong was in my path from science to Chinese Metaphysics

  • simple movements to feel the difference between Yin and Yang in your body

  • a gentle warm-up to awaken the Qi and promote flexibility in the joints, perfect for the morning time or any time you’ve spent too much time at your desk.

  • about the effect of the Moon phases on your energy. 


  • My Story

  • Where Qigong comes from

  • Comparison with Tai Chi 

  • How it integrates with Chinese Medicine

  • Top-level description of how the body is viewed in terms of the 5 elements of Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal in Chinese Medicine

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