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Hello, I am Silvia


I am a connector and community builder who loves to help people overcome obstacles in their personal and professional lives, improve themselves, and live successful lives. My approach uniquely blends the wisdom of Chinese Metaphysics with my extensive background in research and business development to create a powerful blend of logical analysis and intuitive insights.

I spent the first part of my professional life as a Research Physicist, and then pursued an MBA and shifted my focus to establishing and nurturing strategic business relationships. I worked in settings spanning from a national lab to corporate, non-profit, and academia.


In my last role as Director of Industrial Collaboration and Innovation, I also coached and created programs to develop an entrepreneurial mindset in students. This was in addition to establishing an ecosystem to foster partnerships among academia, economic development agencies, and the corporate world.


I loved my job, worked too much, burned out, and quit.


I then embarked on a healing journey that led me from Yoga and Ayurveda to Chinese Medicine and Qigong, and ultimately, to Chinese Astrology. Chinese Astrology was the portal into Chinese Metaphysics, the branch of philosophy that deals with how the world works and how we fit in it. Physics does the same thing, just with different modalities. So I was in awe of the commonality of these two seemingly unrelated fields.

After years of studying, now I provide strategic planning assistance for people who are interested in a holistic approach to life and have personal or business goals. I use the concrete tools that this ancient art offers to help them reach success and fulfillment. My protocol is based on the interaction between people’s internal energies and the ones surrounding all of us, and includes forecasting challenges and opportunities and advising optimal times for actions.  I use primarily the disciplines of Chinese Astrology, Qimen Dun Jia, Date Selection, and Feng Shui. In parallel, I help people improve their health, resilience, and vitality – prerequisites to attaining goals – through group and personalized Qigong practices.

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