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Urogenital System Health - Moon Qigong

Increase Vitality - Strengthen Your Kidney Energy


In Chinese Medicine kidneys are considered the batteries of the body and "rule" over the lower abdomen, the vitality center, which includes the bladder and the organs of the reproductive system. As we age, the kidney energy naturally declines. Emotions are also responsible for physical problems. Fear that makes you run away from danger is a manifestation of healthy kidney energy. On the other hand, being fearful all the time, holding on to trauma, or panic attacks are indicators of imbalances in the urinary system or the reproductive organs. Kidneys are the representation of the Water element in the body, and the corresponding season is Winter. Join me in this series to increase your vitality and strengthen your water energy, which in turn will prepare you for a healthy Wood season, which is Spring. The classes are scheduled around the Moon cycles, ending on a Full Moon, the optimal time for manifesting desires. We’ll start around the Last Quarter, during the Waning moon, which facilitates releasing whatever no longer serves us. After some introspection about physical and emotional blocks in the kidneys, bladder and organs in the reproductive system, we’ll do Qigong movements to release stuck energy and accumulated imbalances. At the next session, during the New Moon, we set an intention of health, and in the following two sessions we continue to grow that intention, culminating at the Full Moon. Note that classes meet on Wednesdays 8:30 pm US ET. This is Saturdays at 9:30 AM Malaysia/Singapore (GMT+8). It is recommended that you book the series, but you can join any of the sessions and it will still be beneficial.

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