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Immune System Health - Moon Qigong

Prepare for Winter - Strengthen Respiratory & Immune System


In Chinese Medicine the Immune System is governed by the Lungs and is also associated with the Large Intestine. Being able to grieve and be sad when something bad happens, and then letting go of it, are signs that the lungs and large intestine are healthy. On the other hand, holding the grief and sadness for a long time and not letting go are signs that they are out of balance. The immune system belongs to the Metal element and its corresponding season is late Fall when trees lose their leaves and nature is preparing to go dormant. Join me in this series to strengthen your lungs and boost your immunity to prepare for the upcoming Winter season. The Qigong movements will holistically address physical and emotional issues in general, but the focus will be on digestive health. The classes are scheduled around the Moon cycles, ending on a Full Moon, the optimal time for manifesting desires. We’ll start around the Last Quarter, during the Waning moon, which facilitates releasing whatever no longer serves us. After some introspection about physical and emotional blocks in lungs, large intestine, and immune system, we’ll do Qigong movements to release stuck energy and accumulated imbalances. At the next session, during the New Moon, we set an intention of health, and in the following two sessions we continue to grow that intention, culminating at the Full Moon. Note that classes meet on Fridays 8:30 pm US ET. This is Saturdays at 8:30 AM Malaysia/Singapore (GMT+8) for the first two sessions, and 9:30 AM for the last two, as US goes back to standard time on November 3, 2024. It is recommended that you book the series, but you can join any of the sessions and it will still be beneficial.

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Albany, NY, USA

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