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2024 Strategic Planning Guide

Peronalized Monthly Guidance


This is a report that helps you plan your actions for the Wood Dragon year, which starts on February 4, 2024. The forecast will recommend the actions most likely to succed in each month, when you can expect challenges, when to look out for opportunities, and when you can expect significant changes in particular areas of your life. Please picka slot for a 15-minute conversation about what you want to achieve this year. After I complete the guide, we'll schedule a 1-hour meeting for the review. Provide the location, date and time of birth at the time of booking. Find out as much as possible about your time of birth and share whatever details you have. It will help make the readings more accurate. Also fill out on the booking form the goal you have for this year, as well as little about yourself - your work situation (e.g. employed/free lance/consultant/own a company, etc.), and also about your home life (e.g., single/married/in relationship, kids/no kids). This will allow me to use the right terminology when I give you the forecast and advice. Contact me at with any questions. Note that all time shown are US East Coast time.

  • 199.94 US dollars
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Albany, NY, USA

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