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Discover your true self & unleash your full potential

Be guided in times of chaos

Make better decisions

Navigate life's challenges and seize opportunities

Gain clarity on career and life path

Reach abundance faster

5 Elements

Common element success Coaching

Welcome to Common Element Success Coaching, your gateway to reaching your personal and business goals. Let's work together so you can better manage stress, increase energy and focus, and achieve an overall state of wellness by using the tools of Chinese Metaphysics.

​"Common Element" refers to the concepts of balance, harmony with nature, and interconnectedness, which are seen as core to life’s fulfillment in many spiritual traditions. In addition, despite appearances, Metaphysics and Physics, which is my background, have in common the quest for explaining how the world works and how we fit in it. The frameworks they present are coming closer and closer with each year. 


In my journey, I explored Christian, Hindu, Chinese, and Egyptian philosophies, and was fascinated by the similarities in their principles and teachings, even though they are expressed in different cultural and historical contexts.  

Chinese Metaphysics provides specific tools to anticipate challenges, recognize and act on opportunities, and align your actions with the environment's energy. Thus it is the path to becoming more resilient, reaching your goals faster, and becoming more effective overall. Coupled with that is Qigong, an ancient holistic system that uses movement and intention to cultivate energy for internal power, health, and vitality.


Let me show you some powerful spiritual and physical tools to lead you to success, however you define it.

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