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About Me

I've spent my life in the high-tech corporate world, and now am starting a new journey of coaching people to reach success and fulfillment by using the tools of Chinese Metaphysics. ​I was born in communist Romania, in the western city of Timisoara, also called Little Vienna. The nickname was an homage to its architectural resemblance to the imperial city, fact due to its having been part of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire. During a summer vacation in college, I came to visit my uncle in the US, and did not go back. I continued my studies at the University of Illinois at Chicago, where I received my PhD in Physics. I worked in research for a while, mostly in Colorado, at the National Institute of Standards and Technology, and a medical device company, Datex-Ohmeda, now part of GE Healthcare. I completed my MBA at night while working full time and being actively involved in economic development as a board member of a local professional organization, Colorado Photonics Industry Association. My first official business role brought me to upstate NY, where I worked for Corning in a strategic growth group in the Display Division. After a few years, I moved to Albany to work for Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI), as the Director of Industrial Collaborations and Innovation for the Lighting Enabled Systems and Applications Engineering Research Center, a multi-university center funded by the National Science Foundation, and headquartered at RPI. I was fortunate to have loved every job I had, each subsequent one more than the previous one. I looked forward to going to work, solving the complex issues that arose, and learning something new every day. The flip side to that was that work was all I did, and my personal life got neglected. I was burned out. I realized that I needed a change and decided to take a one-year sabbatical. Well, what I thought would be a break in employment, turned out to be a big turning point. I started my own consulting business helping small companies define their value proposition and establishing partnerships for growth. The best part was that I had the time to explore various spiritual traditions that I had always been interested in. I started with yoga and Ayurveda, then discovered Qigong and Daoist philosophy, and became hooked on the Chinese system. This naturally led to Chinese Metaphysics. I was blown away by the insights I got into my life journey from Chinese Astrology. I fell in love with how the various Chinese Metaphysics branches work together to establish a guiding framework for health and vitality. I have taken Qigong classes from many teachers, and am an Associate Instructor for Qigong in the Healing Tao system led by Michael Wynn. My Chinese Metaphysics studies have all been from several schools in Malaysia/Singapore. I have also delved into Chinese Medicine by studying on my own, and taking Continuing Education courses designed for acupuncture practitioners. I bring that knowledge to my Qigong practice, which naturally integrates it. However, I am not certified in it.

Timisoara, a part of the city that is close to my home

Timisoara, Romania

Chicago - view from Lincoln Park, where I used to live

Chicago, IL

Boulder - the iconic Flatirons, a place where I hiked a lot

Boulder, CO

Painted Post, a "suburb" of Corning

Corning, NY

Chinese Metaphysics

Albany, NY

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